How To Build A Wooden Tray with Leather Handles

build a wooden tray

This was a quick and easy project, based solely on my need to help corral all the junk on my nightstand.  I actually went to Target to look for a tray to fix this issue, but I couldn’t find one that was the right dimensions. Also, none of the trays had charging stations, and I refused to pay $10-15 for something I would have to take a drill to anyways!


Supplies & Tools Needed

Total $7.15! (everything without a price is something I already owned)


How To: 

I started off with a board that I cut down to 5.5″ wide by 10″ long. I chose this size because it fit perfectly on my minuscule nightstand and also could hold my phone.

DIY Wood Tray

I then drilled some holes with the Kreg Jig, 2 on each long size and 1 on each end.

DIY Wooden Tray

Then I started to cut the sides of the tray. I mitered one of the edges of the 1×3″ at a 45 degree angle and then held it up to the bottom piece of wood and marked where the edge was.

DIY Wooden Tray

I then used that mark on my miter saw to measure where to start the 45 degree angle cut out. Basically the end pieces all had inside lengths from corner to corner of 5.5″ (not including the angles of the miter), while the long pieces of wood were 10″ (again not including the angle of the miter). I worked my way around the tray cutting all of the miters and dry fitting the pieces.

build a wooden tray

I then glued the corners together and used some masking tape to hold them together while I also nailed them.

How to build a wooden tray

Then I flipped over the wood tray and screwed the base to the sides using Kreg Jig screws. Wipe of any excess glue.

Build a wooden tray

Once the glue was dry, I stained and used polyurethane on the tray. I also used a 3/16″ drill bit to drill a hole for my phone charger.

Wooden Tray

Once the stain was dry, I hot glued burlap to the inside of the wooden tray.

Diy Wooden Tray

Then I took my $3 thrift store belt, and cut it down to 6″ long. I cut it down to longer than the edge of the tray, so I would be able to create more of a curve to the handle.

how to build a wooden tray

Then I drilled 2 holes into the belt 1/2″ in from the edge.

Wooden Tray Leather Handles

I also drilled in 2 holes into each side of the wooden tray. These were 1-1/4″ in from the edge.

DIY Wooden Tray

Next I used the machine screws to screw through the wooden hole and also into the hole in the belt with a Philips screwdriver.

DIY wooden tray

Finally I screwed the cap nuts to the ends of the screws.

Screw Caps

Done! Now hopefully this will stop me from knocking my phone off of my nightstand every time I try to hit the snooze button…

DIY Wooden Tray diy wooden tray how to build a wooden tray


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