How To Build A Garment Rack


We all want more storage, right? That’s why I built a garment rack that will eventually go in our basement. We have so much overflow that we ended up using all the closet space in our office for extra jackets, wedding dresses, etc. Doesn’t help that since we have an old house, we have some pretty small closets. Eventually I would love to get some canvas hanging bags for when storing out of season items on this.

Supplies & Tools Needed

Total Cost

Total Cost: $46.00


How To

1. I started off with the stained pieces of wood and the piping all sprayed with Oil Rubbed Bronze Spray.

IMG_04362. Attach the two pieces of board to each other with the brackets. Connect the wood from below. I placed the brackets about 10″ in from either side.

IMG_04373. Screw the wheels into the four corners of the base. I placed mine about 1″ in from each corner.


4. In order to put together the piping, you have to start from one side and work your way to the other. I screwed in the floor flange first into the right hand side only. Do not screw both floor flanges in at this point, as you would have to remove one side in order to assemble all the piping.

IMG_04475. Screw one of the 48″ pieces of piping down into the floor flange you just attached to the wood.

IMG_04546. Screw the elbow into the floor piping.

IMG_04577. Screw the next piece of piping into the elbow to create the rod that you will place your hangers on. Then screw the next elbow onto the left edge of the piping.

IMG_04608. Screw the final piece of piping into the elbow.

9.Twist the last floor flange onto the bottom of the piping before you screw it to the boards.

10. Screw the floor flange into the boards. Done!!!!!IMG_0462



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