Pin Me Baby One More Time


Sorry cheesy, I know. I’ve been listening to a lot of 90’s music. Like way too much 90’s music. Between all the Vertical Horizon and NIrvana, I thought I would catch up on a post for a project I had done a while back. This is for a pin board I originally made for our wedding, and now has become a photo/holiday card catch all in the ladies lounge. Super easy to make and super cheap!

I thought of this idea when I saw the below Pottery Barn Tween Frame. When I went out to look for a frame to convert to the below, I realized that big frames are really expensive. I set out to make my own over-sized frame, at a much better price!pb teen picture frame

Supplies & Tools Needed

Total Cost

Total Cost: $25.00! 


  • 2 x Chair Rail @ 35″ with edges mitered
  • 2 x Chair Rail @ 29″with edges mitered

How To

1. Cut the chair rail so that the edges are mitered like illustration below. The length is measured from the longest edge.


2. Place wood glue on the inside mitered edges and nail thru the corners of the board perpendicular to the next one. As you are gluing and nailing everything, work on a flat surface to help keep the frame level. Glue and nail together all the sides together.

2 sided frame

3. After the wood glue has dried, stain the frame your favorite color. After stain has dried, I applied a thin coat of the polyurethane.


4.Cut 5 pieces of twine to about 35″ wide. Knot one edge of the twine, and then staple gun it down to the back side of the frame. Start 7″ from the bottom.

First Knot

5. Stretch the twine across the back of the frame and place a staple down to hold it in place. Knot off this end of the twine as well.

2 Knots

6. Continue tying and knotting the  twine on each end for the other 4 pieces. Space each knot about 7″ apart.

7. Cut the burlap about an inch wider on all sides than your frame. I cut mine 37″ x 31″. Fold the burlap in so the edges are hidden again the back of the frame. Take your staple gun and staple the burlap to the back of the frame.


8. Place your clothespins on top of the twine… and you’re done!




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