Quick & Easy Christmas Decor with Burlap!


I’m a big fan of the Pottery Barns and West Elms of the world….I just don’t always love their prices. Which is why I was happily excited when I saw a recent West Elm catalog that featured a Burlap Tree that I knew would be easy to replicate. This was quick and cheap, which is perfect for decor you only have out a couple weeks a year!

Supplies & Tools Needed

  • 2 rolls of Burlap Ribbon- I got mine from Michaels it was approx 1″ thick
  • Paper Mache Cone
  • Glue Gun

Total Cost

  • Paper Mache Cone- $2.99
  • 2 rolls of Burlap Ribbon- $2.50 each because they were 50% off- total $5.00

Total Cost: $8.00!!

How To: 

1. Glue on 1 layer of the burlap ribbon on the bottom of the paper mache cone. I had to cut the ribbon vertically several times around the cone, in order to pleat the ribbon so it could lay flat.IMG_0328

2. Cut a ton of the ribbon in approximately 5″ lengths. I just eye balled this.

IMG_03293. Loop the burlap ribbon and adhere it together with a little dot of glue.

IMG_03514. Working your way from the bottom, start gluing those loops to the cone.

IMG_03305. Work your way up layer by layer on the cone. Try to cover seams and raw edges as you go.

IMG_03536. For the top layer, I folded down one of the edges on an angle so that it was a cleaner edge and then glued it down.

IMG_03557. Boom, your done!

IMG_0359IMG_0368Penny photobomb!



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