DIY Wood Letter From Scraps


 A close friend of mine is getting married soon, and a group of us recently threw her a wedding shower. We wanted to have something special for guests to be able to sign to help her remember the day, so we thought what would be better than some decor in her future initial? This would be something we could use to decorate for the shower, and then she could use as decoration later on at home. Unfortunately, or fortunately, the wood letter C came out so nice that we opted not to have guests sign it! We just left it naked for her to enjoy in her home!

Supplies & Tools Needed

Total Cost

$0 because I already owned everything!

Total Time Spent

1 afternoon for staining and letting it dry, 1 afternoon for putting it together

How To

1. I ended up hand drawing the letter C. I originally though I would find a font that I liked, and just blow it up….but none were chunky enough. I made the letter about 20″ wide and 20″ tall.  lettercdraw

2. I took all the scrap woods that I could find. 1×2″s, 1×3″s, 1×4″s (I was not particular), and I distressed them by hitting them with a hammer, running a large screw over it, and smashing a bag of screws against them.


3. Next I divided the wood up into 4 groups, and applied varying stain to them. The 1st group got 1 layer of the Walnut Stain, the 2nd got 2 layers, the 3rd got 3 layers, and the 4th got 1 layer of Walnut and 1 layer of Mahogany Stain.


4. I then laid out the pieces of the wood until I found a pattern I liked. I made sure to separate the wood pieces that stood out a little more (lightest or darkest). I also laid my wood out on a diagonal, I just thought it would look more interesting than straight horizontal or vertical.


5. I started out by connecting the rows that were made up of two pieces of wood. I used the Kreg Jig to connect the two pieces along with wood glue.

photo 2

6. I then went back and started from the bottom of the letter C. I use the Kreg Jig to connect the wood from the top down and used wood glue in between all the rows. I also used my Kreg Clamp to help hold the wood down level to each other when screwing together. I worked my way up slowly row by row until everything was connected.

photo 3

Here it is as it starts to come together.

photo 4photo 1

Here is an illustration that shows where all the screws were installed.

7. Then I cut out the pattern and laid it out on top of the wood. I traced the letter onto the wood with a pencil.


8. Next I clamped the wood down to my workbench and used the jig saw to cut it out.


9. 1 coat of Minwax Express Color Stain in Walnut was carefully applied to the sides of the letter.


10. Finally, I applied 1 coat of Minwax’s Fast Drying Polyurethane in Satin Finish to the top and sides of the letter.


There you go, all done!



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