DIY Coffee Tables

So when we last left off with the Ladies Lounge, it was looking like this.


Not bad, just missing some vital furniture. You know, someplace to put a drink or something to put your feet up on! Despite what Chris might say, I do like to relax every now and then.

When I was first looking at what furniture to use in the Ladies Lounge, I knew it would need to be compact and easy to move. Not only because the room is small, but also because we put our Christmas tree in here, and tend to have to move the furniture in order to make space for it.

hyde coffee

We already have the Pottery Barn Hyde Coffee Table in our living room, and since the rooms are open to each other, I thought using the same design for the ones in the Ladies Lounge would work well. Ana White actually created plans for end table versions of the Hyde Tables, so I ended up using them as a guide while making some small adjustments. I changed the height of the tables so they matched that of the coffee table- 18″. I also changed the legs to actual 3x3s instead of her suggestion of 4×4 (I just thought that the 4x4s looked a little too chunky, and the Pottery Barn coffee table is made with 3x3s).  I’m not including plans, since Ana has already laid them out here.


I rounded off all edges to give it that worn in look and did some slight distressing on the top. I used 2 layers of Rustoleum Walnut Stain, and 2 layers of Mahogany Stain to achieve a color that is pretty similar to PB’s Mahogany color that was on our existing Hyde Coffee Table.


IMG_0196End result are two coffee tables that I can put together to create the look of one regular table that can be easily moved during the holidays…. or when Penny inevitably causes a craziness-fueled-ruckus!


PS these things are STURDY! I feel like I could jump on top of them and they wouldn’t break. In fact, Chris uses them as step ladders on occasion and “light” or “dainty” aren’t words that have ever been used to describe him…



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