Installing Bamboo Blinds

I’ve been unhappy with the current window treatments in the Ladies’ Lounge (also know as  our sunroom) for quite some time. When we’d originally moved in, I bought cheap curtains from Target and just threw them up so that it would block some of the light and give some privacy. They were too short, pulled too tight across the window, and had gotten very dirty over the last couple of years. Not to mention Chris complained about them every chance he got!

sunroom old

I originally was looking at doing white blinds with linen curtains, but was thinking that it might look too washed out. While on Pinterest, I found some great inspiration pics. I wanted something that would coordinate back to the wood tones in the room and add some much needed texture. blinds






I found these blinds from Home Depot that seemed to the be the best price for nicer quality bamboo blinds. They are called the Providence and prices ranged from $30 to $40. Each of our windows were slightly different widths, so we had to buy them ranging from 27″ to 24″. One of the many “joys” of owning an old house!

Installation could not have been easier. Each blind came with two brackets that could either be mounted to the window frame from the top or from the side. Since our windows had really inconsistent widths, I mounted from the top of the inside of the window frame.

photo 1 copyThe bracket slipped into the top of the blinds like this.

photo 2 copy

I first held up the bamboo blinds to see where I should mark the holes for the bracket.

photo 3 copy

Then I drilled in 2 holes for the screws. The instructions recommend mounting with 4 screws, however our windows molding was really shallow and there wasn’t enough room for all of them. The blinds are actually very light weight so this shouldn’t be a problem.

photo 5 copy

After drilling the holes, I screwed the brackets into the molding.

photo 1 copy 3

This is what it looks like we both brackets up.

photo 2 copy 3

Then you just slip the bolt thru the gap in the top of the bamboo blinds and then tighten the wingnut.

photo 3 copy 3

Flip the top of the bamboo blinds down and you’re good to go!

photo 4 copy 3

Only issue is that the drawstrings hung down into Penny territory. Notice how there is already one wooden ball at the end of the string missing….Penny!!!!photo 2

Guilty as charged. Sitting in timeout.

photo 1

The blinds came with cleats that you can use to hold up the strings. Only problem is that they were an ugly brass color. Nothing a little ORB spray paint couldn’t fix! I placed the screws in their hole and pushed it lightly into some extra cardboard I had laying around.

photo 2 copy 2

Then I did 3 very light coats, I separated each coat by about 15 minutes.

photo 4 copy 2

And there it is in all is oil rubbed bronze glory!

photo 4

Finally the finished product!DSCN2577Next up…. adding curtains!


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