Not Your Everyday Greige

WARNING! This might just be the most boring post ever, so I apologize in advance. It talks a lot about the wonders of paint and the joys of quarter round… Go ahead and skip to the pretty pictures if you don’t feel like reading about it, I’ll understand.

I’m finally getting around to fixing up the rooms that have been empty the last couple of years. Since I am working on the new bed for the guest bedroom, it was a priority for me to clean up and paint it. I only have this one pic of the room from when we first looked at the house, but you can see how welcoming the color combo is. Black carpet and peaches and cream walls? No thanks.


I repainted the ceiling and window frames white and painted the walls Benjamin Moore’s Smoke Embers. Next up was refinishing the baseboards. I sanded them down, filled in the gouges and dents, and then primed them.



After a coat of primer, I added the quarter round.


You can still see the gap in the corner where I need to caulk it. In some places, I had to use multiple pieces for one wall. This was mostly because I didn’t feel like driving around with a 16′ piece of quarter round sticking out of the back of my car. For these pieces, I cut the wood at a 45 degree angle and left a little room for the wood to expand.


After that, I caulked everything and then did two coats of semi gloss white.

IMG_0151 IMG_0153

Below is an image of one of the areas where there is a seam. You can barely see it when it is caulked and painted.


And just again for fun, here is a before and after pic.




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