And so it begins….

If I ever win the lottery, you will most likely find me at Restoration Hardware laying on top of a dining room table helplessly caressing the wood while handing the employee my credit card. Hopefully that gives you an idea of how much I adore RH’s furniture.  But as much as I love me some RH, I don’t actually own any of their pieces. And why not? Because they are damn expensive! So with that in mind, I figured my next furniture build should be based off something from RH.  Go big or go home, right?  Considering we are desperately in need of a guest bed that wasn’t made in Sweden, I’m going to be building my first bed. I really love the Restoration Hardware Maison bed specifically and thought it would be a great chance to dip my toes in upholstery and nail heads along with the actual build.  Here is what I’m basing the build off of:


And here is my design. (Minus the legs, cause that would have taken me forever to do.)


I’ll be back with more details as soon as I can pull myself away from all the wood I’ll have to stain. Not as much fun when you have to stain everything before you build!


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